Roll-out a digital training system for a new project management tool

This major player of the space industry has launched a project to overhaul its project management tool in order to unify processes and practices of the different units in Europe and to allow a streamlining of its information systems. The chosen tool is Planisware software.

Our mission
eocen has secured the roll-out phase by creating a user training system, based on e-learning with QCM and application exercises, and documents summarizing main actions to be completed.
These elements are organized within different paths according to roles (PM, WPM, RM…) in the company e-learning platform.
The modules are available in three languages: English, French and German.

14 e-learning modules
40 minutes per module
2000 users

Our added value

  • Setup of a tooled process
  • Design of a coherent set of e-learning on the new process fitted to engage all users
  • Construction of modules to validate acquired knowledge