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4 questions to Rémy Vénesi, CEO of eocen.

Why do market leaders entrust their complex project management to eocen?

In 2020 eocen, formerly known as planitec, celebrated its 50th anniversary, which means that we have acquired 50 years of experience in project management. When we started, we were pioneers of our industry, and we’ve continued innovating day after day to bring excellent-quality services to our customers. It’s all in the details: our consultants trained in the most innovative project management methods, our local management, and the benchmark we offer our customers thanks to our work in a variety of industries, from aerospace and rail transportation to shipbuilding and energy.

Why join eocen?

There are many good reasons. We’ve achieved 50-50 gender parity, with women and men from major engineering schools and universities. Our company is friendly and supportive, nurturing close working relations between managers and their teams, even at the highest levels. Our University enables everyone to continuously develop their skills. We pay close attention to knowledge management to boost innovation and creativity. We offer exciting missions in high-tech environments in major labor markets across France, Germany and worldwide. Alongside their customer assignments, our people are empowered to play an active role in eocen’s development. Our consultants quickly become project management specialists, which increases their value on the employment market. In fact, our customers often want to hire them after a few years of experience with us. eocen is a great place to work: our last survey on well-being in the workplace proves our teams are happy!

What opportunities does eocen offer for career development?

More than 40% of our working hours in Europe are spent on projects, so our teams are well placed to grow throughout their professional lives!
At eocen, consultants can become experts or managers or develop their own business. It’s important to note that eocen is an entrepreneurial company and part of setec, an independent group wholly owned by its managers, which means they’re directly interested in its performance and profitable, sustainable growth.

What is your vision about eocen’s development?

We’re focused on our core business of managing complex projects. We operate across the entire value chain: systems engineering with our subsidiary setec IPMC, training, project management offices, project coordination, and helping large companies implement digital project management systems. We’ve developed world-class partnerships to bring our customers a range of related services. We work in an increasingly diverse range of sectors and we support our clients worldwide: in France, where we have our headquarters; in Germany, where we already have a subsidiary, eocen GmbH; in other European countries; and in the future, in North America and Australia.