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As a subsidiary of setec group, eocen has the backing of a multidisciplinary engineering company that has been bringing technical excellence and an innovative spirit to its clients for more than 60 years.

A worldwide group with expert subsidiaries

With 3,000 employees worldwide and revenues of €376 million, including 20% generated outside France, setec is involved in many of the world’s largest and most ambitious construction projects.
An independent group wholly owned by its engineers, setec has grown through 40 subsidiaries, each expert in their field.

setec: a gateway to the world

Setec is global by nature, operating in 20 countries worldwide. With a project management services offering co-developed with setec organization and setec opency, eocen offers solutions tailored to the needs of its international customers.

Synergies between setec and eocen

A The links eocen has forged in the aviation, nuclear and defense industries enable precious commercial synergies with other setec subsidiaries looking for growth opportunities. eocen also brings a unique approach to project management that is flexible and tailored to customer needs. This helps the group gain a foothold in new markets. A
Anne-Marie Choho, setec Executive Vice-President