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A people-centric company

We are specialized in project management and recognized by our clients for our expertise. What makes us different is our people-centric corporate culture, which sets people up for success, whether our consultants, our company or our customers.

A friendly, mentor management style

Our consultants confirm that friendly, trusting relationships and mentor-style management are key to our corporate culture.*

Training, skills development and a culture of sharing

Thanks to a strong training and knowledge management policy aimed at empowering every individual to grow, our employees follow a rich and satisfying career path from their very first days at eocen.

Exciting missions for prestigious clients

With their technical skills and personal qualities, every consultant contributes to the success of the complex projects we manage for our industrial customers, such as Airbus, Alstom, EDF, Naval Group and Sanofi.

An independent company

eocen is a subsidiary of setec group, which is wholly owned by its engineers. Our independence enables us to focus on the interests of our customers and our employees.

Well-being at work

Our employees have given us positive feedback*:
2/3 are happy or very happy at work,
94% have a trusting relationship with their manager,
95% get on well with their customers,
98% get on well with their colleagues
*Internal survey, 2019

Equal opportunities

With 50% of our employees now women, eocen has achieved gender parity. This is a major feat in a rather masculine environment, where women represent fewer than 30% of engineering graduates.

Gender equality

eocen has the utmost respect for its employees, male or female. The company strives for equality in salaries and pay raises, promotions and salary increases during parental leave, as well as a healthy work-life balance, team diversity and opportunities for employees to work part-time.
eocen’s 2020 Gender Equality Index: 93/100

Our colleagues testify

Equal pay

A “I was hired with the same salary as my male colleagues with the same profile.”
A eocen PMO since December 2018, Laura provides project support to EDF’s technical department in Lyon. A
Laura, 31, consultant

Gender diversity

Jean-Baptiste, 26, consulting engineer
A “In my team, we don’t have to worry about gender balance, since there are already more women than men! All the team members get on excellently at work and outside work, with a lot of mutual respect.”
Jean-Baptiste joined eocen in January 2018, providing project support for EDF’s nuclear engineering, decommissioning and environment department (DIPDE) in Marseille. A

Promotion after maternity leave

A “Two weeks after returning from maternity leave, I was promoted to a managerial position. This is real proof of trust from eocen.”
Formerly a project manager, Marie has been working since July 2019 as a eocen business manager for Airbus in Toulouse, where she manages a team of 10 consultants. Marie graduated from École des Mines d’Albi and joined eocen as a junior consultant in 2013. A
Marie, 30, business manager

Work-life balance

Delphine: 44, business unit director
A “I’m very happy and proud to be part of eocen, where daily challenges and quality relationships allow me to develop professionally while protecting my family life. Even as a manager, I’m allowed to work on a 90% basis.”
Delphine joined eocen in 2010 as a PMO consultant. The following year, she was promoted to the position of business manager, and in 2016, she became the department head, leading a team of 60 people. She is now business unit director. A

Mentor management and team spirit

A “Here, everyone has a different mission, and we are trained to replace each other if need be. We often have lunch with our manager. There’s a strong sense of cohesion and we all share our experience, women and men alike.”
Recruited by eocen in January 2019, Sabri provides project management support to the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in Saclay, near Paris. A
Sabri, 25, project management engineer