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In this era of digitalization and artificial intelligence, project management methods must be reinvented to meet productivity challenges, as well as employees’ growing search for meaning in their work.

Our Innovation Program

The Innovation by eocen program is designed to contribute to the success of our customers’ projects by making their decisions easier.

A clear vision of the project with real-time updates on specific tasks is essential for every person involved in a project and this kind of big picture view brings meaning to their work. Strengthening the links between project teams helps build engagement and reduce the time spent on each cycle.

Our innovation projects are based on four pillars that support up our vision

Inspired by design thinking and lean/agile methods, our approach is tailored to the real issues faced by our customers, aiming to provide value from the earliest stages.

An open innovation model

Our program builds on the strength and collective intelligence of our ecosystem.
Whether partners, universities, start-ups or clients, everyone can play a role, and the best ideas are transformed into solutions in our incubator.
To validate our solutions in real conditions, we use genuine customer cases.
If you’d like to benefit from our incubator, please send us a real-life case!

Our innovative solutions

Contact us to organize an on-site or remote demo


The knowledge management approach

The goal of eocen’s knowledge management approach is to share our knowledge and experience to help our consultants grow, while providing our customers with best-in-class service. Managed by a dedicated experts, our approach is based on a rich ecosystem:

  • PlaniWiki, eocen’s collaborative knowledge base, enables our teams to access our full range of expertise (leading methods, feedback, dashboard toolbox, etc.)
  • Monthly webinars enable our teams to share their experience of a tool, a methodology or a project during short interactive conferences.
  • eocen Breakfasts provide an opportunity for our customers and experts to discuss major themes (the critical chain method, innovations, etc.), and share their experience.