Project management, a profession in its own right

Liebherr Aerospace wanted to create training modules dedicated to Project Managers in order to professionalize them and to help them to clarify their role.
Project Management being an integral part of their main activity, it was important for the company that its Project Managers understand that this function is a profession in its own right, with many responsibilities.

eocen has provided Liebherr Aerospace with training paths specifically designed for Project Managers, made of several training modules that cover all the subjects that they may face.

12training sessions of 3 days each
100+persons trained

The eocen added value:

Bespoke training prepared by eocen while using Liebherr’s language:

  • Varied training modules including exercises and storytelling
  • Use of the company vocabulary for optimal appropriation of the supplied methods
  • Acquisition of a common core of skills by all Project Managers through the use of the same methods and tools