Roll-out and improve a Planisware-based solution, build all user guides.

RATP is a world-class player in urban and peri-urban public transport with a strong foothold in Paris area where it was created. The high level of project-related investment means that it is mandatory to develop the capacity to carry out complex projects while meeting commitments in terms of performance, costs and deadlines. The OPTeam tool (Transverse project management and method improvement tool), chosen by RATP, is a Planisware-based solution.

Our mission
RATP has given eocen the mission to roll-out the latest version of the OPTeam tool, with the improvements issued from the field teams’ feedbacks. As an Assistant to Project Owner, our scope also includes the transfer of restructured data and the increase in user skills.

Key figures:
14 metro lines
10 regional train “transilien” lines
8 tram lines
316 bus lines

2B€ Annual investment
12 M trips to Paris area (Ile de France)

Our added value

  • Investment to provide simple and effective solutions 
  • Establishment of a multi-skill team
  • Ability to mobilize the stakeholders all along the project