Implementation of a range of projects to strengthen the security of French nuclear powerplants

For an improved oversight of this EDF flagship programme, that guarantees the lasting efficiency of its facilities, the company wished to implement a Project Risks analysis initiative. This innovative approach in a complex high- technology environment, supported by EDF Management and making the most of the PMO contribution to the steering of the projects, has made this initiative – entrusted to eocen – particularly newsworthy.

51billion budget
58 power production units impacted
11 years lifespan programme
3000 people involved per unit

The eocen added value:

  • Raise awareness and acceptance of the risk management methods by a pool of more than 15 project managers
  • Boost of the steering of risk reduction actions at every hierarchical level of EDF
  • Set-up of a reference upon which EDF lead users have relied since its completion.