PM Office of Airbus ZEROe pre-programme

Reducing the impact of planes on climate change is absolutely essential for the aerospace industry, and thus for Airbus, which is committed to meeting the target of slashing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050, compared to 2005.
This means that numerous avenues must also be explored over the short term (2020-2030) and the medium term (2030 and beyond).
The scope of the ZEROe pre-programme is to assess, develop and position in the value chain several low carbon options to be made available to the industry by 2035: energy, CO2 capture, planes and associated technology.
Our partners support the pre-programme’s core team as well as the 7 multifunctional teams.
eocen’s PM Office uses a hybrid method, a combination of classic project management (“waterfall”) and the SAFE Scaled Agile Framework (formalities, retrospectives, PI planning, etc).
We are responsible for the implementation of processes, spreading best practices and sharing project management tools: integrated planning, EVM, cost management, risk and opportunity management, resource management, external finance management, etc.

Duration: 10 years

eocen’s added value

  • The proactive and adaptable nature of our PM Office within a constantly evolving environment due to the nature of the project (technical challenges, interaction with multiple external partners, etc.).
  • The deployment of coherent and consistent management practices across the whole pre-programme.