Midlife overhaul for the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier: a major challenge on lead time control

The French State has entrusted Naval Group with the upgrade of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and with her maintenance in operational conditions. Accordingly, for her second Major Shutdown, Naval Group is the overall prime contractor and the site manager for activities including studies, preparation and completion of the works, validation tests, and requalification.

4M+ hours of work
2100 average people on site
160 subcontracting companies
100+ different trades

The eocen added value:

  • Set-up of an integrated planning network in order to ensure the consistency and control of all schedules: from the most detailed (site schedule) to the most summarized (admiral schedule), the latter has become the primary communication tool between Naval Group and its customer.
  • Efficient programme steering, based on the ability to summarize a large volume of information.
  • Set-up of a team with an extensive experience in the context of the aircraft carrier, providing a technical support beside our project management efforts.