eocen walks its customers through the steps of defining and integrating their information systems from the technological, professional and human standpoints.

For collaborative project management

Integrating information systems facilitates the work of the project teams thanks to unified and collaborative tools making it easier to meet deadlines and cost requirements. As a genuine Project Owner Support on these long-term projects, eocen gives its customers the option of selecting and deploying the project management tools best suited to their business stakes by sharing their project management experience daily. eocen operates throughout the process of definition and integration in process definition and change management, developing efficient and useful solutions.

Facilitating tool appropriation

eocen sets up a link between customers and software houses, synthesizing their needs and translating them into functionalities. eocen first chooses the right tool and installs it, then provides support with deployment of the solution to facilitate its appropriation by staff training, functional support and monitoring of the changing practices.

Main tools

Focus project

Management of IT projects

1. At a glance:

e-solutions portfolio As part of its new “Smart Fleet” service, in partnership with IBM, Airbus is developing customised packages of applications and services for various airline companies, dedicated to flight operations, maintenance or engineering. eocen supports the department in charge...read more

2. The eocen added value:

Data centralisation: Deployment of a database for centralised cost management and to provide a consistent overview of all the projects in the portfolio Set-up of an Obeya room (in which the projects progress is visually centralised by department) in order...read more