Thanks to several decades of experience, eocen relies on proven project management methods, bringing each stage its own added value as a Project Management Office (PMO): kickoff, steering and capitalization.

A high value added PMO

Project kickoff
The kickoff phase is a decisive step for any project. To succeed during this important stage, eocen structures the project into roles and responsibilities (governance), establishing strong milestones by defining appropriate processes, methods and tools. eocen is also involved in the human aspect, strengthening the project team (startup team, PMO, project manager) and accelerating its cohesion.


Optimizing and steering
In the course of the project, the underlying challenge is optimizing lead times and costs by using the right decision-making levers. eocen offers efficient steering, boosting the project thanks to renowned methods (agile method, critical chain). We help our customers organize the priority of a project portfolio and walk it through the run-up of project team skills.


Capitalizing on tomorrow
Once a project has been delivered, eocen provides its customers with support in sustainably capitalizing on their experience to win over future contracts. We set up a process for a quick and efficient return on experience, and organize its analysis through big data. Finally, we work on the continuous improvement of the processes, methods and tools, supporting our customers as they gain maturity in project management.

Focus project

Major Retrofit Programme (“Big Fairing”)

1. At a glance:

Implementation of a range of projects to strengthen the security of French nuclear powerplants For an improved oversight of this EDF flagship programme, that guarantees the lasting efficiency of its facilities, the company wished to implement a Project Risks more

2. The eocen added value:

Raise awareness and acceptance of the risk management methods by a pool of more than 15 project managersBoost of the steering of risk reduction actions at every hierarchical level of EDFSet-up of a reference upon which EDF lead users more

Very good adequacy expectations/ benefits
Jean-Marc Pomeret – Head of Department at Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (French general directorate of civil aviation)
Jean-André Bellocq – Turbomeca
eocen helped us progress and spread a project management culture based on pragmatic, realistic and agile implementations. This was only possible because of the quality of the women and men who intervened and whose total commitment, desire to do better, strength of proposal, caring and alertness for the overall system were noted.