As renowned practitioner and expert in project management, eocen passes on its knowledge to its customers within the framework of a very high-quality training path.

High value added factor training

eocen offers training courses covering every field of its project management knowledge. Whether it concerns the skill enhancement of a project management team (planning, risk management, resources, cost control and EVM), obtaining international certifications (PMI), deploying a tool (Primavera, MSP, PPM…) or setting down the foundations of practices applicable to a specific issue, eocen endeavors to establish high value-added paths for its customers.

Co-constructed paths

Drawing on the wealth of its experience, its understanding of the industrial challenges and its recognized skills in pedagogical engineering, eocen joins forces with its customers to construct the path (goals, pedagogy, practical conditions) to find the best response to the challenges facing the company. By emphasizing practice and learning from experience, eocen guarantees the transmission of long lasting knowledge.

Focus project

Project Manager training

1. At a glance:

Project management, a profession in its own right Liebherr Aerospace wanted to create training modules dedicated to Project Managers in order to professionalize them and to help them to clarify their role. Project Management being an integral part of more

2. The eocen added value:

Bespoke training prepared by eocen while using Liebherr’s language:Varied training modules including exercises and storytellingUse of the company vocabulary for optimal appropriation of the supplied methodsAcquisition of a common core of skills by all Project Managers through the use more